Barry Kerr


A unique exhibition of 
paintings & songs
by Barry Kerr

Of Autumns Past


1. When I Was A Boy.JPG



I have retraced your steps all in my mind,
A thousand times or more,
For your stories told surround this place,
Like mist upon the shore.


Changing Seas


Tempting tempest, raging sea,
Wildly calling you to me,
Tempting tempest, raging sea
Siren of the deep.


A Father’s Way


When the sliotar stings your hand for the first time,
In the fury of the fray, 
How will you play the game but in your father’s way.


The Linnet Sings


When the linnet sings upon the stone
her song is heard for miles,

The notes are caught upon the air 
and dance upon the wind,

Incantations down generations 
her song remains the same, 

And falls upon a listening ear, 
a song too wild to tame. 




I will keen for you where 
wildflowers bloom, 
On unconsecrated ground, 
Where rebels lie beneath the sky, 
And lost ones can be found. 


Lost on the Shore


Come gather ’round you friends and comrades,
A haunting tale I will tell to you,
Of boys and men lost to the heavens,
No more to row the ocean blue.


Life on the Edge


Defined by the sea, those who were free,
To work the ocean waves,
With canvas and oar, they rowed from the shore,
From a life they tried to save.


New Exiles


My family have lived here a thousand years,
Worked this land so fair,
Where Mount Brandon rolls down to the sea,
And the heather scents the air. 


Of Sportsmen Bold


I turned his dog through field and bog, for mile on aching mile,
No place to hide, though how I tried, to lose him in my style,
But as darkness fell I heard the bells from St. Peter’s on the hill,
I went to ground and homeward bound went Gentle from the lane.


Those Were the Days


Come all you barstool heroes, 
Sing out your favourite songs, 
Some whiskey for the courage, 
We’ll sing and right the wrongs.